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The finishing of a class, but not the end of learning

Tomorrow is the last lecture brought to us by Keith.

I would like to thank Keith for such an amazing semester where he introduced concepts that I would have never thought of. His style of teaching is one that amazes me as he conducts his classes like an orchestra.

The concepts Keith has brought me will hopefully be utilized by me in the future, in whatever way my life and career take me.

A few coaching and teaching quotes to end this semester of Sport Coaching Pedagogy:

"Coaching helps you take stock of where you are now in all aspects of your life, and how that compares to where you would like to be."

- Elaine Macdonald

All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”

- Bill Mcartney

If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself.”

- Confucius

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.”

- Khalil Gibran

and my final quote:

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

- Bill Gates

Thank you Keith


The expert pedagogue was the topic of this weeks lecture.

Keith discussed multiple definitions for teaching and coaching but continually came back to the words “interaction and utilizing the different ways we learn and teach”. This highlighted to me how important it is as a coach to experiment and to have my own view on a certain situation or event. This concept of being an expert pedagogue was all about knowing how to handle different situations that require multiple facets of skills and information. These skills have been brought to us throughout the semester by Keith in both his lectures and his tutorials as he continually changed scenarios and introduced new rules and special challenges to highlight how a coach or teacher needs to flexible with the skills and ideas.

It is important to remember that each student or athlete is different and that a one size fits all approach will not work in all situations. This is important for an expert pedagogue to recognize and to develop the key skills that allow them to change a situation or event to one that suits each student or athlete personally. Sure it takes a lot more effort, but the gain in experience, information, relationship and personality is worth it.

The one key point that truly influenced me was learning about John Wooden. He is an expert Pedagogue in my books. He was a star basketballer, inducted into the hall of fame and offered a contract in the NBA, but turned it down to become a teacher, to give other athletes and students his information as coached them. He was significantly successful in college basketball and was offered a contract for the coaching position at the worst team in the pacific conference. John took this challenge with both hands and began a relentless course of teaching athletes in such a way that would challenge them and utilize each individual’s key skills. This teaching style brought about the most successful basketball team ever, with the Bruins winning 10 of 12 championships, an astonishing 88 game winning streak, 885 victories and only 203 losses. This is an amazing feat by anyone, and to know that this was brought about via a change in teaching style amazes me as I can only wish that my coaching style and teaching prowess is half of what John’s is.

Planning Sessions

This week saw Keith talking about planning sessions for coaches.

These planning sessions involve alot of time and effort from both coaches and players are an outcome is achieved that is desirable for both parties. Many concepts are now emerging that can be used in coaching plans such as Periodisation, Rest intervals, Overload, Specificity and Reversability to name a few.

Concepts are becoming increasingly significant for the development of athletes throughout a season or an Olympic period. These concepts are used to develop an athlete who is able to perform at their maximal for the correct period of time. Much talk about periodisation has gathered around training intensity, volume and the dreaded rest periods. These rest periods can alter an athlete’s performance in a way that relaxes the muscles, giving them time to repair and also mental repair of such a high strain environment and career.

Rest periods have recently become prominent in the AFL with the new Greater Western Sydney team being introduced. A few of the larger clubs have been accused of resting star players when they have versed them as they know it will be an ‘easy’ game due to their lack of experience and smaller bodies. This can be seen as recently in the Carlton vs GWS game where they rested star Chris Judd. Carlton claimed they weren’t taking the game ‘easy’ but it was just in his schedule to be rested. This may be due to a periodisation plan so that Chris Judd is at optimal performance for finals.

Prod Using

No my spell check isn’t broken, the term is PRODUSING, strange you might say? I call it intriguing that this idea has been brought about.

If you take a look at my previous post that contains a quote used by Keith to describe the term produsing, you will see it is a mix of producing and using. This mix can be used with any type of information, be that a skill or even simple knowledge.

The aim of produsing is to increase the knowledge base of an idea or certain aspect and then pass it on for others to learn and add their understanding to the concept. A produser, takes a skill, idea or concept and learns about it, during this learning process they may develop a new technique or have their own insight that can be added to the collection of material they have learned. This collection is then pass on to other individual’s such as a coach passing it on to their athletes, a teacher passing it on to their students or even a friend passing it on to their friend.This passing on of material creates an amazing assortment of ideas and experiences that is ever growing. Amendments are continually made and new information is gathered as it is passed along the queue.

Right now I am a produser via telling you about this concept, hopefully it inspires you, or makes you wonder, allowing you to do further research so you can pass it onto others.

In the online, networked, information economy, participants are not simply passive consumers, but active users, with some of them participating more strongly with a focus only on their own personal use, some of them participating more strongly in ways which are inherently constructive and productive of social networks and communal content. These latter users occupy a hybrid position of being both users and what in traditional terms would have to be described loosely as producers: they are productive users, or produsers, engaged in the act of produsage.
A Quote from Keith on Produsing using Alex Bruns as inspiration

My Coaching Presentation on European Handball.

My Teaching Video

So for my teaching practical, I decided to go for a sport very rarely seen in teaching videos, that not many people know how to play or have ever seen it before.

That sport is European Handball.

The skills I focused on were the passing of the ball from team mates, using a chest pass and a bounce pass. These were the main skills I focused on because it is the main way to move the ball around the field. This was then incorporated with the three steps you are allowed to take before getting rid of the ball from your possession. The end result was getting specific passing, catching and game type movements into the training drill.

Hopefully I can upload my teaching presentation in my next post for you all to see.

Removal of Cannabis from Match Day Ban List

So today I found a surprising article about the call to remove cannabis from match day ban lists for drugs.

This removal of cannabis is being pushed for by multiple Australian Sporting codes, including, NRL, AFL, Tennis Australia and Cricket Australia.

Recently the AFL have fallen into line with WADA (World Anit-Doping Agency) with the ban on cannabis but they are now calling for it to be removed from the illegal use on match days.

It is seen by Australia’s Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (which includes the AFL, the NRL, Cricket Australia and Tennis Australia) that they all agree the substance is dangerous to physical and mental health but they do not see the performance increasing aspects of the drug.

To qualify to be on WADA’s list of illegal match day drugs, the drug needs to fall under two of the three categories: performance enhancing; dangerous to an athlete’s health or contrary to the spirit of sport.

My view on this matter is that cannabis should stay on the list of illegal match day drugs. This is because it is an illegal drug anyway, so why would athletes be taking on match day and the health problems caused by cannabis are detrimental and should not be taken lightly. 

the article I found can be found here:

Increased Program and Social Media Usage

This week’s class saw Keith demonstrate program usage and the impact of social media on sport and teaching.

The program shown was called Dartfish, A video was made using clips from Dartfish. I have used Dartfish before as part of assessment tasks in previous units and think it is an amazing piece of software that has been developed further and further allowing everyone to use it as a biomechanical analysis tool. It can be used in numerous fields from many different perspectives.The use of software such as Dartfish is allowing scientists (biomechanists, physiotherapists and exercise therapists) to discover more about an individual’s movement, technique correction and comparison between two athletes. I think in the future programs like this will become even more and more significant as we see then reach out across a broad range of fields utilizing a broad range of capabilities.

The next part of the lecture looked at the impact of social media. Keith mentioned the benefits of using the social media for education and the connection it brings people as he encouraged the responsible use of it in sports. I agree with Keith in that it allows for another dimension for a relationship and it can be used as a tool for easily sharing information to an individual or group of people. The idea of responsibility is a significant issue because there have been multiple instances of inappropriate or careless use of social media by professional athletes, community members and other famous individuals where the outcome is a degradation of an individual’s appearance to the wider public.

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